Former Toledo City Council candidate moves forward after ballot rejection

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 6:53 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A woman trying to jump into the political fray in Toledo is trying to make something positive out of a bizarre week.

Jody Carroll was rejected for the Toledo City Council ballot this week but she’s following through on a project and says you may see her again.

Graffiti dotting the old water department building at River Road Park in Toledo needed to go. It was something then-candidate for Toledo City Council Carroll planned to work on and highlight in her campaign as an issue she’d tackle.

“I could not have imagined this in my wildest dreams,” said Jody Carroll.

She’s no longer candidate Carroll after a paperwork problem last week when she filed her council petitions. Carroll didn’t fill in the box asking for her ID or Social Security number of the form to change her name to her married name on the voter rolls.

The form was rejected by the Board of Elections Tuesday and so were her petitions. She learned about being kicked out of the race by reading news online.

“I still haven’t received the form in the mail,” said Carroll. “They never notified me. I had to call them.”

Carroll admits she made the mistake and didn’t fill out her form properly but she’s trying to move on.

Thursday she followed through on the graffiti cleanup with her husband with her campaign aspirations on hold.

“I was devastated really. I went from not being sure if I wanted to do this to being very excited to be a positive change in the city,” said Carroll.

Whether it be in a district race or another at large cycle, Carroll says this probably will not be the last time “candidate” is associated with her name. Her new, legal name.

“Hopefully in 2 years or 4 years I’ll get another shot,” said Carroll.

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