Kitten found in car engine now lives at auto shop

Avis was adopted by the Firelands Collision Center staff, where he will live permanently in their front office.
Avis was adopted by the Firelands Collision Center staff, where he will live permanently in their front office
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 6:09 PM EDT
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NORWALK, Ohio (WTVG) - What could have been a cat-tastrophe, turned out to be a miracle. Firelands Collision Center in Norwalk just welcomed its newest hire, a kitten! Avis is a three-month-old sociable cat that took quite the journey to be with the Firelands Chevy staff.

Garrett Frey is the technician who made the furry discovery. He says the center got a routine rental car in for service back on June 23. This one came directly from Cleveland-Hopkins Airport. The car went straight into the shop and was locked up for the night. In the morning, staff noticed small animal footprints on the shop floor, but could not find any animals inside. The following day, one of the workers heard a meow. Frey followed the footprints and found some cat feces under the Kia Soul rental car.

“We heard something under the hood,” said Frey. “I popped the hood, and there was little Avis, right on top of the engine.” After a brief chase around the shop — and some coaxing with food — Frey was able to catch the kitten. Then it was love at first meow.

So we have a little visitor!!! This little girl traveled all the way from Cleveland under the hood of an Avis rental...

Posted by Firelands Collision Center on Wednesday, June 23, 2021

“We all just decided he was kind of special, and a good little companion to greet customers,” said Frey. From that moment on, Avis was adopted into the Firelands Auto clan and now lives in the front office. He has toys, fresh food and water, and a litter box — plus lots of attention. In case you are wondering, his name is in fact inspired by the “Avis” rental car company, which owns the car he stowed away in.

Avis was not hurt during the more than 60-mile journey. Frey says the kitten went to the veterinarian on Thursday and got a clean bill of health along with routine shots. Staff at the collision center call it a miracle. “Now, he’s home,” added Frey. “He’s just a beautiful little cat.”

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