Ghost gun found in backpack of juvenile at Bowsher

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 9:36 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A 16-year-old was arrested after a 9mm “ghost” gun was found in his backpack at Bowsher High School on Tuesday morning.

The juvenile was caught smoking marijuana in the restroom, according to a report from Toledo Police. He was taken to the Dean’s office, and while he refused to have his bookbag searched, he admitted to having a gun inside it when he was told it was subject to search.

The gun had a round in the chamber and three rounds in the magazine. The juvenile was arrested and is facing charges of CCW/Illegal Conveyance School Premises.

Toledo Public Schools released the following statement:

Yesterday, a Bowsher High School student was arrested for possession of marijuana and having a firearm in his book bag. The School Resource Officer and the administrators at the school handled the situation quickly and appropriately and without disruption to the school day. No threats were made directly to any student or staff member. As the safety of our students and staff members is the number one priority for Toledo Public Schools, students who are found to be in possession of a weapon or any other inappropriate item will face disciplinary action and possible criminal charges.

James Gant, Toledo Public Schools Deputy Superintendent

A ghost gun is a firearm manufactured in parts and can be assembled at home. There is no need to pass a background check to obtain the components of a ghost gun and are often sold online as DIY kits. They also lack serial numbers.

According to, “Ghost guns are unserialized and untraceable firearms that can be bought online and assembled at home. They are often sold through ‘ghost gun kits,’ which include all of the parts and often the equipment necessary to build these weapons at home.”

“It’s very concerning. No child should ever be in a position where they feel that unsafe where he has to carry a gun or thinks a situation is that dire that he needed to deal with his problem with a gun,” says Assistant Public Information Officer for Toledo Police, Andrew Dlugosielski.

As for the weapon, he says, “They are untraceable. They can be used in crimes. ... A law-abiding citizen is going to go to a store, buy a gun, go through a background check. Here, you can just make your own gun, use it in a crime, and it would be very difficult to trace.”

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