‘We are the Troopers’ documents the winningest team in pro football

Published: Sep. 26, 2021 at 12:38 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Back in the 1970′s, when women weren’t encouraged to play sports, and there were no laws protecting female athletes, there were the Toledo Troopers. They were a pro women’s football team that didn’t just play, they dominated. In nine seasons, they only lost four games. They won 60, including seven consecutive World Championships.

“Not only were we overlooked, we were misrepresented. We were looked at as second to men,” says Jacqueline Jackson, who played on the team.

The team disbanded in 1979, and for decades, their story seemed lost. For the last ten years, the Troopers have been trying to put their stories on the big screen. Saturday night, the women reunited to see that dream become reality as a documentary: ‘We Are The Troopers.”

“It’s been there the whole time. It’s been living with these women and their coaches who have just been carrying it around. It’s been very alive with them,” says Stephen Guinan, who wrote the movie.

First slated to become a Holly wood feature film, the women quickly realized there were advantages to making a documentary instead.

“It’s just an amazing story. They get to tell it in their own words,” says the film’s editor, Tom Sanders.

As the women sit-side-by side in the Valentine Theatre watching their stories immortalized, they know it’s a story about the past, told for the future.

“It’s history... And the young people now can look and see where we were, where they are, and where they’re going. There’s a place to go now. It’s not a dead end anymore,” says Trooper Eric Erickson.

Tammy Corisis was a part of the first generation inspired by the Troopers. She grew up watching them, and knows how the documentary should make girls feel.

“I think they’ll grab their bats, they’ll grab their rackets, their soccer balls, tennis rackets or whatever, and go after it and say “I want to be like them,”” she says.

The next step is for the film to make its rounds at the festivals. After that, the makers will work to get it onto streaming services, so you can watch it at home.

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