“Sharrows” installed on N. Summit

"Sharrows" installed on N. Summit
Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 8:04 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Some new bike markings on North Summit are causing quite a stir with Point Place residents. But what do they mean?

Washington Township resident Don Super rides his bike down Summit in Point Place almost every day/ This week, he saw some new markings on the road.

“People just got to realize that you got to look out for bikers too. I think it’s a great idea,” says Super.

The new markings run down the middle of the lane in both directions. They’re not bike lanes. They’re called sharrows.

“Sharrow are markings on the street that are there to make motorists aware that they are sharing that particular lane with a cyclist, and that the cyclist has a right to be there,” says Jill Wersell, owner and operator of Wersell’s Bike Shop for 35 years.

Bikes don’t have to ride right in the middle. Children can stay on the sidewalk and cyclists can hug the right if they choose. That’s the way it’s always been. The sharrows don’t change anything about the flow of traffic. They just raise awareness of cyclists’ rights.

Wersell says that awareness is desperately needed in Toledo.

“It’s not fun to be a cyclist and have people throw things at you or yell at you or come as close as possible to you,” she says.

Super has also dealt with driver aggression.

“I get the finger a lot. They’ll yell at you “get off the road,”” he says.

“Some motorists are very rude to cyclists and they need to be aware that we have the right to be there,” says Wersell.

Super says he’s also had people throw things at him.

“What you gonna do? Dodge it,” he says.

If you’re concerned about the new bike markings on Summit, just know that traffic will be the same as it always was. It’s just a reminder to be kind to your fellow humans, no matter how many wheels they use to get around.

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