LC4 seeing more cases of dogs abandoned in homes

One dog was left behind with a note saying he’s loving and friendly.
One dog was left with a note saying he's loving and friendly
Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 6:39 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Lucas County Canine Care and Control is bursting at the seams right now. The shelter saw it’s numbers spike to more than 200 dogs last week. It’s unusual to see those numbers this time of year. In addition to all the strays and dogs surrendered by their owners there’s been an unusually high number of dogs found abandoned in homes and apartments.

Brutus is one of them. He was left behind when his owner moved. A note was found with Brutus saying in part that he’s a loving and friendly dog.

Cassie Bloomfield is the community outreach manager at LC4. She says his story is just one example of this disturbing trend.

“It’s shocking. I don’t know what is going through their mind when that’s the choice they’ve made. I also can’t imagine what it was like for the pets being left behind. They’re being left in homes, apartments and sometimes our parking lot.”

Bloomfield says it’s important to remind people that the staff at the shelter doesn’t judge people who are facing challenges and there’s plenty of help available. “If people don’t share their struggles, we can’t provide the resources they need. There are low-cost vet clinics, food banks and vaccine clinics. Anything we can do to help keep your pet in your home is our goal we don’t want them to have to come here. We want pets to stay with their families.”

In addition to the dogs that have been abandoned, the shelter has seen increases across the board. Last week the shelter had just over 200 dogs in its care. This week that number stands at nearly 180 dogs. Kelly Sears is the Director of LC4.

“We’ve had to be creative on ways to make room for everyone. We are using offices and bonding rooms. We are also working to increase adoptions and find more foster homes.”

So what’s behind the extremely high numbers? Sears says that’s a good question. “We expect those numbers in June, July, August, and maybe a bit into September. By this time of year those numbers usually come way down. Now they are going the other way, and we don’t really know why. Maybe it is COVID-19 related. People are struggling in a number of ways and sometimes the family pet is last on the list.”

Foster homes are critical during shelter overflow and seeing those numbers increase would be a huge help. “Fosters are provided all the food, vet care needed for the dogs all they do is provide a home, love and patience.”

As you heard, adoptions are a big part of decreasing the numbers. There’s an adoption special right now. Dogs are available for $5 plus the $25 license fee. They’re vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered.

The adoption special runs through the end of the month.

On a side note, abandoning your pet is a crime.

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