Ohio scores a ‘D’ on reporting breakthrough Covid cases

The Rockefeller Foundation graded states on their reporting of breakthrough Covid-19 infections.
The Rockefeller Foundation graded states on their reporting of breakthrough Covid-19 infections.(Rockefeller Foundation)
Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 8:52 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Ohio scored low marks when it comes to reporting breakthrough Covid-19 cases, according to a new report from the Rockefeller Foundation.

19 Investigates found Ohio scored a “D” on its reporting of breakthrough Covid cases among fully vaccinated people.

The Rockefeller Foundation lists Ohio’s data reporting as “seriously incomplete.”

Our news team has been reporting for months on how Ohio does not report the full number of breakthrough cases statewide.

The Ohio Department of Health only posts hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated people online.

You can find that information on its Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Dashboard.

Since January 2021, under Covid-19 deaths, ODH reports 14,458 deaths in unvaccinated Ohioans and 701 deaths among fully vaccinated people.

But we found this is cumulative data they post.

ODH doesn’t show how many cases are added each week to these numbers.

And they don’t report on overall breakthrough cases.

ODH also does not show us how these breakthrough cases compare to the number of Ohioans who are fully vaccinated.

This is just part of the criteria the Rockefeller Foundation looked for when grading each state on its data reporting for Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough infections.

They said they launched this scorecard “due to the lack of high-quality breakthrough data in the United States.”

They found six states don’t even report data of breakthrough cases.

Those states got an “F” grade along with three other states.

Ohio and ten other states were given a “D.”

The Rockefeller Foundation said the grades do not evaluate how well a state is responding to the pandemic but said quality data on breakthrough cases is critical to fighting the virus.

19 Investigates reached out to the Ohio Department of Health, asking for an interview and asking what can be done better when it comes to reporting breakthrough Covid-19 cases.

They have not gotten back to us.

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