Watch out for people saying they’re collecting money for police officers

Watch out for people saying they're collecting money for police officers
Published: Mar. 12, 2022 at 12:39 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Supporting police officers and their family members can be a very noble idea. But be especially careful where you’re spending your money if you choose to do that.

Scammers are back with their bogus calls and one Toledo woman became the newest victim just this week.

Theresa Uribe has been getting the call for about a year now. Waking up from sleep the other day it happened again.

“I usually look at the caller ID and I didn’t look at it because I was sleeping and the phone woke me up. So I answered it like I normally do,” said Uribe.

The caller said they were from the Toledo Police department. They were not actually from the Toledo Police department but the pitch sounded professional and legit.

“He said he was from the Toledo Police department and they were calling to see if people could make a donation for the fallen officers, who died in the line of duty to help support the families,” said Uribe.

She offered to make a donation of $15 but the person on the other end said the minimum was $20. Just one of many red flags to a scam. No real group cold calls you and no real charity would ever have a minimum.

It’s not just Toledo. This kind of thing is happening in cities all over the area. The crooks are smart. They know who they’re calling.

“It’s better to give than receive. I’ve always said that. I like helping people if I can and my daughter’s always telling me mom when someone calls you never give them your card number,” said Uribe.

Which is great advice. Never give money or card numbers to anyone over the phone when they’ve called you because you actually have no idea who’s on the other line.

She’s out the $20 but quickly cancelled her card to stop more problems. A bit of a costly lesson learned. She just hopes you won’t fall for the call when you get it

If a call like that does inspire you to want to donate, look for a phone number of that department and reach out them directly to make a donation.

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