Spring walleye bite continues on Lake Erie

Spring walleye bite continues on Lake Erie
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 9:00 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Springtime in northwest Ohio means getting out and enjoying the nice weather, and for some, doing something that’s so popular that we named a hockey team after it. In that spirit, we went walleye fishing!

Captain Jason White of Fisherman’s Wharf Charters took us out on Lake Erie. After checking in with the other charter boats, Jason set us up to do some jig fishing. It’s a heavy, artificial lure that sinks to the bottom where the walleye are, and it uses bright colors to get their attention.

“So that jig is right down in front of them. It’s almost irritating them like that,” said Captain White. “So, anything that gets in front of them, they want to snap at it.”

After dropping our lures in the water the fish wasted no time. Believe it or not, we caught a 20.5-inch walleye on the first cast!

With millions of walleye residing in western Lake Erie, there’s a reason Port Clinton is called the walleye capital of the world, and it’s why people fill the schedules of local charters each spring.

“They want to catch big fish when they’re here to spawn,” explained Captain White. “They have their own lakes to fish at home but that’s what’s special about this place; they’re traveling a long way to come here and fish.”

Along with the fun that comes with bringing a big fish into the boat walleye also tastes really good!