Investigators talk about excessive amount of alcohol Stone Foltz consumed at fraternity party

Investigators believe he consumed a one-liter bottle bourbon in 23 minutes.
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 9:22 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - A one-liter bottle of Evan Williams bourbon in 23 minutes.

According to Bowling Green Police Department’s lead detective, that’s the amount of alcohol Stone Foltz is believed to have consumed in a fraternity event in 2021. An amount that turned out to be deadly.

Police got involved after Foltz was admitted to Wood County Hospital after coming from the Big-Little event for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity where pledges are handed a bottle of alcohol. He was later taken by helicopter to ProMedica Toledo hospital where he died a few days later of alcohol poisoning.

Bowling Green Police went to the home where the event took place and then the fraternity house itself with many of the members denying knowing about the event or what exactly happened to Foltz. Officers spoke to Jacob Krinn on a couple of occasions. Krinn is on trial facing an involuntary manslaughter charge with Troy Henricksen.

Investigators then later obtained some of Krinn’s text messages about how he handled Foltz that evening. Krinn was not only Foltz’s big brother but also the one who gave him the bottle of alcohol.

“Jacob said ‘I put him on the couch asleep. I don’t know what happened.’ Aaron said ‘he could have rolled over and puked.’ Krinn said ‘I watched him for a minute” said Sergeant Scott Frank of the Bowling Green Police Division.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case Thursday. That’s when we’ll find out if the defense will be calling any witnesses. If not, the jury may get the case later on Thursday.

Jurors also gained some insight into the psychology of hazing.

Doctor Gregory Parks from Wake Forest University took the stand. He has studied clinical and forensic psychology among other areas.

A portion of his expertise is hazing which he said has societal pressure conveying people to do a certain thing. As an example, Dr. Parks said if a social dynamic is rooted in alcohol consumption then alcohol consumption is expected.

Hazing is at the center of this case and Dr. Parks said people will endure hazing to win approval.

“When an individual is willing to tolerate a lot or endure a lot to achieve a particular outcome like be part of an organization they view as high status or high value then it means the members of that organization can get away with a lot of stuff,” said Dr. Parks.

Dr. Parks said some people don’t report hazing because they don’t know they’re being hazed in the first place. He added that some individuals identify hazing as an act of force.

“... So imagine if drinking is the issue. Nobody pinned me down and poured alcohol down my throat. If that did not happen I might imagine somehow I consented,” said Dr. Parks.

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