Neighborhood Nuisance: House on Tracy Street stockpiling tires

Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 5:31 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Residents of Tracy Street are fed up with a house that has a stockpile of tires in both the front and back yard.

It isn’t the first, as it was just last year that the tenant was ordered to remove a different tire stockpile. According to the neighbors it took two semi-trucks to haul all of the tires away and the current stockpile is even larger.

Timothy LaHote has lived in the community his whole life. He said it upsets him to see the tires every day, and his neighbor dumping them in his yard and around the area.

" Throwing them in dumpsters, throwing them out in the creek on Tracey Road. He gets rid of them all over the place or waits for the city to come and clean it up,” said LaHote.

The mountain of tires is not only an eyesore, neighbors say it has created another problem, rats.

" We didn’t have problems with rats or anything around here until he brought these tires around,” said LaHote. ”I got live traps, I caught a rat in there, my neighbors at the end house down there and the one next to me they found dead rats by their properties and have seen live rats.”

People living on the street say they worry about their children playing outdoors due to the pests.

" My granddaughter comes here and plays and if she gets bit by a rat I don’t know what I would do to that guy because he’s the problem with it,” said LaHote.

" We’ve called numerous times. We’ve called the mayor, we’ve called the city. We made 10 to15 phone calls. My neighbor down on the end, she’s called. A number of us have called and they don’t do anything about it,” said LaHote.

The City of Toledo representatives could not give much information regarding the home because there is a current case against the property and its owner in court.

Neighbors say they see the improvements that have been made on streets around them and they feel that this mountain of tires is what is holding their street back from the changes. " They fix the street at that end, put a brand new street in. But we have garbage at this end and they need to clean this up,” said LaHote.

If you have a neighborhood nuisance in your community send an email to Include pictures, a phone number, and any information that may help in getting your problem solved.

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