Victory Center Gives Away Two-Thousandth Free Wig

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 6:55 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Donna Meyer was vacationing with her family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when her hair began falling out.

At first, she thought bugs were swarming her; later, she realized the tickling feeling was her own hair, detaching from her scalp and floating to the ground.

The hair loss came suddenly. Meyer began treatments for her colorectal cancer starting in February; she went for months with her hair intact, until that July day at Myrtle Beach.

When her hair loss became apparent, Meyer wasted no time. She asked her son in-law to shave away her remaining locks.

“I said, ‘shave it. Shave it. This is ridiculous to go around like this.’ Just shave it all off and I’ll be happy - because what else are you going to do?” Meyer said.

Having gone through cancer before, two years earlier, Meyer was no stranger to the sacrifices one has to make during treatment.

She faces these challenges with resigned optimism - positive because, in her mind, she has no other choice.

“I don’t want to sit around the house feeling down and out and woe is me,” Meyer said. “Yeah, I’ve had my moments, you know, that woe is me. But then I tell myself, ‘No. You’ve got to get back up and get going and get moving because sitting around isn’t going to help you.”

One of the places Meyer “got going” was the Victory Center, a resource center for cancer patients that distributes free wigs.

“For many women, losing your hair is one of the most traumatic parts of cancer treatments. It can just really change how you feel about yourself and your self confidence,” Victory Center Executive Director Dianne Barndt said. “Some people don’t want to go out in public and have everyone instantly know that they’re a cancer patient. So, by providing them with this free wig, it gives them a sense of normalcy and a sense of self confidence.”

Meyer takes classes, such as sitting yoga, through the center, and, on Wednesday, she received the center’s two-thousandth free wig.

She tried on a number of options, but, in the end, the first wig she tried on was the winner.

“I feel great. I love it,” Meyer said of her wig, “I’m not taking it off. I’m wearing it straight out the door today and I’m going to wear it all day.”

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