Metroparks Meetup - Dress for success outdoors this winter

Metroparks Meetup - Dress for success outdoors this winter
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 6:17 PM EST
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WHITEHOUSE, Ohio (WTVG) - Here’s something you might want to add to you or your loved one’s Christmas list: new winter clothes!

That big, bunchy jacket may not always be the right choice. But, if you pick the right gear made with the right material, it’s going to make a big difference on how comfortable you are during the cold months.

“There’s two parts to it: there’s wicking and then there’s the waterproof layer as well. So you want to be able to breathe it out, breathe out the sweat if you’re being active,” explained Public Programs Manager Ashley Smith.

Smith has worked for Metroparks Toledo for a decade now, and during that time she’s gotten very good at dressing for cold weather, and it all starts with choosing the right socks and underwear.

“You don’t want to be wearing any sort of cotton,” Smith told us. “You can easily become hypothermic with cotton on just because you were sweating a little bit, and now it’s wet and there’s no where for that moisture to go except for right next to your body, so it keeps you really cold.”

Don’t overdress if you plan to be active, and try wearing thinner layers so you don’t restrict your range of motion. When it comes to snowpants and jackets, Smith suggests buying a size larger so that you can fit extra clothes underneath.

“Putting on multiple layers of warm pants under snowpants and then you can’t button them up, and that’s super disappointing,” said Smith.

Try wearing gloves under heavy mittens in case you need to use your fingers, and make sure your exterior gear is waterproof, especially boots. Wearing even a lightweight neck gaiter in conjunction with a warm hat goes a long way.

“If my neck, and my hands, and my feet are cold, then it’s game over. It’s time to go in,” Smith remarked.

Since everyone has different preferences on how thicker clothes fit or how to comfortably layer, Smith says to always take your kids along when buying their winter gear. And don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you get dressed!