Metroparks Meetup: Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Metroparks Meetup: Celebrating Earth Day 2023
Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 6:12 PM EDT
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The Toledo Metroparks have big plans to celebrate Earth Day this Saturday. And in the spirit of National Volunteer Week, they’re looking for a little help to keep our parks world-class.

There’s over 200 miles of trails across the Toledo Metroparks, and what better way to spend Earth Day 2023 than coming out to one of them for a guided hike.

“We’re going to be celebrating by getting 16 simultaneous walks happening at the same time from 10 to 11a.m.,” said Morgan Sopko, Outdoor Skills Interpreter for Toledo Metroparks. “Our goal is to have friends and family come out to your nearest Metropark where you can meet your neighbors and also meet your park.”

It’s hard to overstate the value of meeting your park and being outdoors. It’s one of the core ideas behind the creation of Earth Day back in 1970.

“We need to experience nature.” Some people have a nature deficit where they spend all time indoors, but it’s good not just for our physical health but our mental health,” explained Sopko. “The more time we spend outside, the more we have that experience and connection and then the more in turn we’ll care about these habitats and the Earth.”

The hikes are planned to go on rain or shine, and the Metroparks also have a way for you to give back to the planet this weekend.

“After all the walks and hikes, we have some volunteer opportunities,” said Sopko. “It could be something as simple as moving some sticks or picking up trash as we go through the park. It could be just some really general tidying up and making sure everything looks good.”

The volunteering time is from 1 to 3 p.m., but only at three locations: Moseley Trail in Oak Openings, International Park downtown, and Kyle Farms. If you’d like to volunteer, you’ll need to register in advance.

As for where to go when you arrive for a morning hike, “A lot of times it’s the start of a trailhead or next to the entrance or by a parking lot, so it can really vary by park,” Sopko told us.

If you’d like to register for one of the guided hikes or those volunteer times, check out the Toledo Metroparks Program Calendar at this link and click on the event of your choice.