New Toledo Police cameras popping up in the city

New Toledo Police cameras popping up in the city
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 3:03 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The 13abc I-Team is digging into new cameras that have been popping up around Toledo.

Cameras are not new to Toledo. There have been speed cameras and red light camera, but now the Toledo Police Department is restarting its efforts.

The 13abc I-Team spotted the new cameras at a couple of places around town including one at Byrne and Hill Avenue and another at Central and LaGrange, an area where sometimes, people see some bizarre things.

“Yesterday, we had a car spin around this corner here with a kid on the hood, and it went flyin’ down the road.” Jose Martinez, Lives near LaGrange and Central.

It’s the next generation of what is called the Sky Cop Program, but Toledo Police aren’t yet talking about this version or giving specifics right now. TPD first proposed the idea of the new cameras last July.

“Especially with how far technology has come since 10 years ago. We can really use these technologies to serve the public better.” Lt. Paul Davis with the Toledo Police Department.

The new crop of cameras replaces a badly aging and broken set. In February of 2021, the I-Team reported that more than half of the sky cop cameras were not working as they should. Some weren’t transmitting live video and some weren’t recording anything at all.

People living near these new upgrades say they hope that all changes.

“I’m hoping it does. Maybe it will catch some of this stuff on camera,” said Martinez.

The new version looks very similar to the original version with one notable exception, the blue light appears to be gone. Originally the light was intended as a crime deterrent. But, over the years, some saw it as a stigma to the neighborhood or corner when it blinked, signaling a bad place that you didn’t want to be in.

The estimate last summer was for 60 new cameras. Toledo Police say they’ll have more information available on the current version when they’re prepared to talk about another part of the project.

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