Tips on how to be a proper plant parent for the summer

Published: May. 22, 2023 at 7:57 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - If you’re new to the world of plants walking into a garden store and seeing all the different shovels, soil, and multitude of plants, can be overwhelming, especially for an aspiring plant parent.

That’s where experts like Zach Edwards come in.

Edwards says when it comes to picking soil it’s important to remember that the soil is how the plant can get off the right start.

“Pretty much a different kind for every plant. There’s an all-purpose...Evergreens have their own bag”, Edwards said.

And that soil means nothing if you don’t have the right tools. Make sure you have a good sprinkler to cover large areas and a pair of protective gloves.

Then it’s plant selection time. While the selection is vast, Edwards says the prettiest doesn’t mean the easiest.

He recommends that those interested in becoming a plant parent do their research before taking in any green friends.

Something to note, there are perennial plants and annual plants. Perennials are a long-term commitment because they live longer than two years, while annuals only live for one growing season.

Edwards had some starter recommendations. For perennials, he said a zonal geranium which is a popular, classic flower that does well in full sun. Then there’s a blanket flower which is a small growing perennial and can give you a pop of color in your garden.

For those who have struggled to keep plants alive in the past, Edwards said that it could have been caused by over-watering which is the biggest mistake he sees gardeners make.

If you’re thinking of houseplants, your decision could vary if you have a furry friend. Some plants are toxic to dogs and cats. Edwards said that danger usually comes from plant sap, and if they ingest too much, they could experience symptoms like vomiting.

Spider plants are perfect for pet owners and relatively low maintenance. Where as ZZ plants, while great starter plants, are very toxic for pets.

If you’re thinking of getting into gardening Edwards said its a great hobby because it gets you outside and works as a stress reliever at the same time.

For any gardening questions you can visit Black Diamond Garden Center in Perrysburg at 12320 Eckel Junction Rd. in Perrysburg. Happy Planting!

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