Police: Cleveland Heights woman drags husband from car after he asks for divorce

He grabbed for his phone and got his arm stuck in the window as his wife sped off
Published: Jun. 20, 2023 at 10:17 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - “Man, she snapped I guess,” said Erik Jones after his ordeal two weeks ago.

“I don’t got no heels, man, I gotta see (about) plastic surgery,” he said of the wild ride he took after asking his wife, Crashawn Williams, for a divorce after 18 months of marriage.

The 911 call from a passerby captures the terrifying ride:

“There is a young man, he had his hand caught in the window of a car and is being dragged for what would be a half mile. He just dropped off the car. His feet are bleeding really badly.”

“The male and the female were involved in a dispute over the relationship apparently,” said Cleveland Heights Police Chief Chris Britton. “There’s a group of ATVs and motorcycles that were trying to intervene and slow the car down.”

The bikers slowed the car down enough for Erik Jones to break the window with his elbow to free himself on Noble at Quilliams after the car left his Montford home.

“It was really like a blur, man,” Jones remembered. “It was crazy.”

Jones told the dispatcher about his ordeal as he ran to safety in the stranger’s car: “My wife snatched my phone out my hands and took off in a car from my house. I tried to grab it, she rolled the windows up on me and she drug me.”

“You want a divorce and that’s how you want to end it. End it like this?” Jones asked. “At this point, it is what it is.”

Crashawn Williams faces felonious assault and domestic violence charges.