Contractor’s unfinished work causing problems for renter, health department involved

Published: Jul. 3, 2023 at 11:56 PM EDT
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WALBRIDGE, Ohio (WTVG) - A contractor’s work was left unfinished and it is causing some headaches for seemingly, everyone involved. So why isn’t the job done? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Jessica Wilson says a contractor was hired by her landlord to fix her septic tank and do some foundation repairs but hasn’t been back to finish the job.

“This is not okay. You cannot leave someone without a bathtub, without water in their kitchen,” said Wilson.

13 Action News reached out to the contractor involved, who denied our request for an on-camera interview but did provide a statement. You can read the full statement from the owner of Dr. Drain below:

“We were called to do a septic system install on E. Broadway for home owner Jean while there WCHD advise that sink drain and washer had to be rerouted to new tank we found while inspecting the basement the wall to north was falling in the tenant then Jessica has called all kinds of people screaming about the work I am understanding that we will not finish this until she has vacated the premises as she was served a 30 day notice from Jean to leave she very vulgar with employees and people on the property. She has left very rude, text messages and voicemails to us. Her dogs are a nuisance to us. We cannot perform any work in the basement as she will not move. Anything that needs to be moved, she was advised to move out which she has not done so just causing trouble for the elderly lady Jean, Jean the homeowner this work will be completed when she vacate the house and we can do it properly with nobody living there. Septic system is installed as far as the sump pump. We never touched it to unplug it do not know where it runs to only thing we’ve disconnected was the kitchen sink and washer, which is which was on the permit and drawing from Wood county health department to be added to the new septic system at a later date.”

Owner of Dr. Drain

13 Action News asked the landlord about vacating Wilson, the renter, which she confirmed, but Wilson says she was never asked to leave, and she never received a letter about it.

The common theme in everyone’s story at this point, though, was the Wood County Health Department.

We reached out to the health department over the phone asking if they knew anything about this situation, and a spokesperson say “I have no idea the situation other than our process which is the contractor installs the septic system, when he’s finished and says he’s finished, we go inspect it.”

The same WCHD spokesperson later followed up with a message stating:

“I learned that there is a valid permit for septic system work, and the work is being done by a registered contractor. WCHD has inspected the work on the outside of the house, which was approved. But the work is not complete-connecting the kitchen sink and washer have yet to be inspected by our inspectors and we do not know the work was completed. The permit is good for one year. If someone believes a situation creates a public health risk, we would investigate but as yet neither party has communicated that.”

WCHD Spokesperson

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