Ohio Republicans push early voting, hope to change narrative among skeptics

Ohio Republicans are increasing early voting education efforts after some in the party in recent years alleged fraud is more likely with early voting.
Published: Aug. 3, 2023 at 5:17 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Early voting is ramping up in the final days ahead of Ohio’s August special election when voters will decide whether it should be harder to change the state’s constitution.

In Ohio and across the country, Democrats have been far more likely to show up to early vote but Ohio’s GOP leader says he wants to change that.

Ohio Republicans have increased efforts surrounding early voting education. They’re encouraging their base to vote ahead of election day for the August 8 election. Even still, there are skeptics in the party after some Republicans, including former president Trump, spent years alleging fraud is more likely with early voting.

State GOP chair Alex Triantafilou tells 13 Action News changing that narrative is an important priority for the party. He says democrats have done a better job on that front.

“We have a slogan. It’s OK to vote that way. And you know what? I’ve been driving all over the state of Ohio and meeting with every group that will have me to remind them that we also can engage in this early voting process,” said Triantafilou.

There’s been a surge in early voting across the board in Ohio, including in rural counties, which could indicate that Republicans are voting early more for this election than previous ones. Chair Triantafilou says, expect that early voting push to continue for future elections.