Neighborhood Nuisance: Trash-filled house attracts rodents

Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 5:12 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo woman says the house next door to her on Parkside Blvd. has always been a problem and since the owner died more than a year ago, it’s only gotten worse.

13 Action News has done two Neighborhood Nuisances with Shareen Strozier, who lives next door to the condemned house, and she is hoping the third time is the charm. She says rats are taking over the vacant property.

“Just filthiness,” said Strozier. “It’s making me feel very unsafe.”

Strozier has been fighting to get the house torn down for more than a year.

I can’t believe the City would let this type of issue stand for this long,” said Strozier.

She says the problem continues to get worse.

“It’s ridiculous, and now that these rats are popping up dead outside, I’ve had enough,” said Strozier.

The house is going to be demolished by the City of Toledo, but not until 2025.

“I want it torn down immediately,” said Strozier.

13 Action News asked the City if the house qualifies for emergency demolition. The short answer is no as the director of Building Code and Compliance says the house doesn’t pose an imminent threat to people living nearby.

“This is more of a threat than I’ve seen in any given circumstance to anyone,” said Strozier.

13 Action News also called the health department and learned that because the house is still private property, they can’t set traps for rodents inside the house. However, they can set traps around Strozier’s home with her permission.

In instances like these, there isn’t always a simple resolution. City and county entities can only do so much, especially when they have hundreds, if not thousands, of properties like this on their radar.

In the mean time, those living nearby are asked to report any problems to Engage Toledo and utilize available resources such as the health department’s rodent control recommendations.

If there is a property in your community that has become a neighborhood nuisance, reach out to Sophie Bates on social media or by email at

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