Local Ukrainian family given a puppy that turned out to be severely injured

A local Ukrainian family was given a puppy but it turns out the puppy they were given is severely injured, leaving the family with thousands in vet bills.
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:23 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A young Ukrainian family forced to leave behind their furry friend when they escaped to the United States, was given a new puppy by an Ohio breeder. When they brought it home, they realized it was severely injured, leaving them with thousands in vet bills to save it.

The Vozniuk family is here in Toledo after escaping war-torn Ukraine, leaving behind friends, family, and their beloved dog, Mars.

“It’s not only dog, it’s family,” said Maria Vozniuk.

Still grieving the loss of their pet, the family’s host, Hunter Morrison, says the family of four has been looking for a new dog to call their own.

“I literally just reached out to a few French Bulldog breeders that I had found online,” said Morrison.

That is when they heard from an Ohio breeder willing to donate one of his puppies.

Morrison says it turned out they did not get a dog, most people would pay thousands for, for free though.

“As soon as we pulled into the driveway, the breeder came down and met us at the car and walked us up to the house, and was like I’m so embarrassed like this never happens, the dog just got injured like ten minutes ago. He’s like it’s just a sprain,” Morrison said.

A visit to the vet showed Luna’s leg was broken, and needs surgery. Morrison says that is going to cost them more than $6,000. “But we knew that if we didn’t take her that probably as soon as we pulled off the property she probably wouldn’t have lived, I don’t know that they would have kept her alive, and so we just, we took her.”

13 Action News reached out to the breeder for more information. He answered and then shortly after, hung up.

The breeder texted Morrison soon after out phone call, asking how Luna the puppy was doing. He also called her several times.

“I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but that wasn’t the case, so, I think just kind of do your research,” Morrison said.

Adding she and the Vozniuk’s are going to do anything they can to save Luna because Morrison knows the puppy is going to save the young family in return.

If you are interested in helping the family with surgery costs, click here for their GoFundMe.

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