Security cameras catch possible abuse of dog neighbors say is terrorizing the neighborhood

Loose dogs are terrorizing an East Toledo neighborhood and security cameras show a possible reason for the escapes.
Published: Oct. 29, 2023 at 12:35 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Some people living in an East Toledo neighborhood say a family’s dogs keep getting out, wreaking havoc with each escape.

Gabby Morrison says, most recently, they killed her cat.

“I seen my cat in their mouths, in the dog’s mouth. Now I’m going to be traumatized forever.”

Samantha Wendt says she lives on the same street as these dogs, and after what she calls the latest attack, she installed security cameras.

“Because the cops told me nothing could be done unless I had footage of them running around,” said Wendt.

Those cameras caught more than expected, according to Wendt.

“As soon as I saw him like whipping the dog in the face with the chain I was like ‘oh my goodness.’ So, I checked the other angles on my cameras and then I caught him kicking the dog on the one angle and it’s just so sad because you know if he’s comfortable doing that outside in the open, then what’s to say he’s doing inside the house, you know,” Wendt said.

After Wendt said she reported the footage to the Toledo Humane Society, we reached out to the director there.

He told 13 Action News through text, abiding by Ohio cruelty laws, a THS investigator visited the home where the dog lives on Thursday.

According to the investigator, “The mother’s reaction was everything I would hope to be and said she would discipline her son and take care of the situation.”

Neighbor Christine Parmigiani says that is not good enough for her. She fears for her own dog’s life. “I don’t want him harmed in any way. He’s been my buddy for 12 whole years.”

Still mourning the loss of her cat, Morrison says someone should be held accountable.

“I want those dogs taken away from them. I want them to be fined. They have to understand that they can’t do this to other animals. They shouldn’t even have animals,” said Morrison.