TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It’s a business that has been a staple of the Toledo community since 1948. Schmucker’s on Reynolds Road offers tasty food and some mouth-watering pies.

Employees have been working hard to fill orders and adjust to the new demands brought on by the pandemic.

“Last year we made 2500 pies for this week and tomorrow, surprisingly, we are up from last year,” said owner Doug Schmucker.

In fact, Doug expects that bakers will be baking those scrumptious pies until 5 a.m. Wednesday morning to fill orders. And this year, because of COVID, the way these orders are filled will be much different than years past.

“We’re gonna create a circle in the dining room so that when they come in they will come to the right, over here by the counter, and then come up to the register,” says Schmucker.

Doug says the dining room will be closed until 11 a.m. to allow for social distancing.

When it opens up, people will be able to call in and order the extra pies they make if they missed the pre-order period.

He says there are three very popular pies during this holiday.

“Well, at Thanksgiving, it’s pumpkin of course. Day in and day out chocolate peanut butter is our most popular and our second most popular is caramel apple walnut,” beams Doug.

By day’s end Doug expects about 500 pies to be made.

There are eight people working on this tasty effort to make sure everyone with a sweet tooth gets a local fan-favorite on their table this holiday.

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