Democrat drops out of US House race for Boehner's old seat


The Democratic nominee in former House Speaker John Boehner's (BAY'-nurz) Ohio district has withdrawn from the November election, leaving a clear field for now for recently elected Republican U.S. Rep Warren Davidson to win a full term.

Twenty-six-year-old Corey Foister (FOY'-stur) says the June 7 special election results show he's "not the right person." He indicates in social media posts that he plans to stay in politics elsewhere.

Davidson romped to victory with 77 percent of the vote and took office that week to complete Boehner's term in the 8th Congressional District. Boehner left Congress last year after holding the seat nearly 25 years.

Butler County Democratic Party chairwoman Jocelyn Bucaro (boo-CAHR'-oh) says Democrats are exploring options but aren't sure they'll be able to get someone else on the ballot.

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