Summer Sizzle 2016

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TOLEDO, OH (13abc Action News) – Sunday 5:15pm Update:
The summer sizzle is coming to an end. The National Weather Service has canceled the Heat Advisory across the viewing area. A cool front will slowly approach us Sunday night and early Monday. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible overnight. While it will still be warm in the coming days, the humidity will start to drop especially by late Monday afternoon. Overnight lows will be in the middle 60s compared to the 70s that we have had for the last several days.

Saturday 5:30pm Update:
We have one more day of extreme heat on the way. A heat advisory remains in effect through Sunday. Highs Sunday afternoon will be in the low 90s with a heat index around 100 degrees. Scattered showers and storms could provide some relief through the day Sunday and again Sunday night. Monday will be warm with highs in the upper 80s, but the humidity will drop back down into the comfortable range later next week.

Temperatures are already well into the 80s in many spots. That's the actual air temperature, with the heat index close to 90° by 11:00 a.m.

There's concern for those who are sensitive to ozone, with it being called both a "precationary" day or "Air Quality Alert" depending on where you live.

The long-range forecasts keep us very warm through the end of the work-week, with no major cooling trend expected. The cold fronts will be little more than wind direction shifts this week.

Friday 4:30pm Update:
The hottest weekend of the year is here. A heat advisory remains in effect for the rest of Today, Saturday, and Sunday. The heat index will be in the low 100s for the late afternoon and early evening this weekend. The actual air temperature will be highest on Saturday with a high around 95 degrees. The latest weather maps continue to show a cool down starting on Monday. The humidity will be much lower on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. The heat index will drop to the upper 80s.

There is a chance for some cooling rain showers on Sunday and Sunday night. The chance of rain is 40% currently, but we will continue to have updates through the weekend as more weather data streams in to the First Warning Forecast Center.

UPDATE Thursday 11pm:
A heat advisory is now in effect for the entire area through Saturday evening.
There's a chance of additional showers and storms on Friday morning, and then the sunshine breaks out cranking temperatures up into the lower 90s. This heat, combined with higher humidity levels, will create a heat index between 100-105 in the afternoon and evening.
Saturday will be very hot and dry with highs in the lower 90s and a heat index close to 100.
Our newest data suggests rain showers on Sunday will keep temperatures closer to 90 with the heat index in the mid to upper 90s.
Stay with 13abc Action News and for more updates on our Summer Sizzle.
-Jay Berschback

UPDATE Thursday 11:00am
The heat advisory has been extended for all of southeast Michigan and for Williams, Fulton, Defiance, Henry, Putnam, and Paulding Counties Thursday and Friday. Highs Thursday through Sunday are expected to be in the low to middle 90s. The heat index will reach the upper 90s to lower 100s in the next several days.

There is a chance of rain late Thursday evening, Thursday night and Friday. While that could cool some of us off for a short time, it will also lead to more humidity.

The US Drought Monitor released their weekly update earlier this morning. The majority of the area is now in a moderate drought. This includes Toledo, Bowling Green, and Monroe.
-Ross Ellet

UPDATE Wednesday 10:30pm
No big changes to the forecast. There's a heat advisory in effect for all of SE Michigan and the Ohio Counties of Williams, Fulton, Defiance, and Paulding Thursday afternoon and evening. On Thursday, the temperature will rise into the lower 90s with a heat index coming close to 100 by evening.

We'll stay very hot and humid through Sunday. Overnight lows will begin to climb as well, making it very uncomfortable at night. Do what you can to stay hydrated and cool over the next several days.
-Jay Berschback

UPDATE Wednesday 9:00 a.m.:
The five day heat wave is officially here, starting later this afternoon. Highs in the southwest of Toledo will easily reach 90°, and there will be little in the way of a refreshing breeze to cool us off.

The good news is that Lake Erie looks calm, making the perfect day for boating or a trip to the famed islands.

Because the weather maps can't keep up with out intense heat, we've decided to bump temps up for highs through the weekend. It will feel like the low 100s on the "real feel" index by Friday and Saturday afternoon. With a mainly dry Thursday, and the lack of rain, we'll really be baking in the so-call "Ring Of Fire."

Temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s later this week with the humidity making it feel even hotter.
The 13abc First Warning Storm Team is carefully tracking a summer sizzle beginning Thursday. Temperatures on Thursday will hit 90 with a heat index in the mid 90s. The hottest days are expected to be Friday and Saturday with highs in the lower to mid 90s and a heat index between 100-105. Sunday will still be very hot with highs close to 90 and a heat index close to 100.
Record high temperatures aren't expected, but the length of this hot stretch will have a cumulative effect on the body. Plan on staying in a cool place, drinking plenty of water and adjusting your outdoor plans based on the forecast.
Don't forget about pets and animals. They feel the heat just like humans do.
Stay with the 13abc First Warning Storm Team for the latest information and updates on the upcoming summer sizzle.
-Jay Berschback