Public vs. Private Schools

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As a parent, you always want to make the best decision for your child. When it comes to picking the right school, several factors play into that decision, including cost, location, academic quality, and extracurricular offerings – to name just a few.

The biggest factor often involves choosing between a public school or a private school. A private education is often viewed as the better option by default, but is a public education actually the right option?

What are the benefits of a public education?
Public school districts are required to adhere to set standards in a number of key areas for success that private schools often don’t have to follow. Let’s take a look.

1. Academic Standards
Academic standards are integral in making sure the curriculum is developed to be most beneficial for your child. A public school aligns with the Ohio Department of Education’s Learning Standards, key areas of academics and critical thinking that help with student progress.

2. Teacher Licensure
It’s important that the person tasked with your child’s education is properly prepared for the job. That’s why all public school districts require that teachers are licensed by the state. Plus, teachers employed in an Ohio public school or district must meet professional development requirements to maintain their certification. This means your child’s educator, much like your child, will be continually growing and learning, helping him/her improve the skills needed to provide a good education.

3. Career Advising
Ensuring your child is set for the next chapter of his/her education or professional development is key. So, all public school districts are required to meet career advising standards for grades K-12 to help students properly prepare for success in schools and careers. They also include training requirements for educators on how to properly advise students on career pathways.

A thriving public school district
While the Toledo area boasts a number of strong school options, Ottawa Hills Local Schools has maintained its position as the No.1 school district in the state, proving that a public education can be a top option. The high school offers 16 Advanced Placement courses, comparable to the offerings of area private schools, and the Ottawa Hills’ 2017 average ACT score was a 27.1, surpassing most local private schools.

Plus, the Ottawa Hills school district keeps student-teacher ratios low with an average of 14:1 in the elementary school and 11:1 in the junior and senior high schools, helping your child receive more personalized academic attention.

Not a district resident? Not an issue. You can still pick a school that feels like home with Ottawa Hills Local Schools’ tuition enrollment option, which allows you to enroll in Ohio’s No. 1 school district, even if you live outside district boundaries.

Understanding your school district's performance and the options available is a strong starting point for determining the right school. A key thing to remember, though, is that thoroughly researching your options is the best way to determine the right option for your child and your family.