Students Are Graded – But Who Grades the Schools?

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You already have plenty to worry about when it comes to your kids. You shouldn’t have to add whether your school district is preparing them for the future to the list. There’s good news, though: There’s an easy way to understand which districts are the best for ensuring high student achievement via the Ohio Department of Education’s Guide to 2017 School Report Cards. This guide helps parents understand their district’s report card, which shows how it’s performing in terms of academics and progress.

So, how is success measured?
Schools are evaluated on six measures, and just like your child’s report card, districts are assigned a letter grade for each one. This provides a snapshot of performance, showing where a district is doing well and where it may need some improvement. All six measures, briefly explained below, are considered key areas when it comes to success in learning.

1. Achievement: How many students passed the state tests and how well did they perform?
2. Progress: How much did students improve compared with their past performance?
3. Gap Closing: Is the school meeting expectations for vulnerable students in English/language arts, math, and graduation?
4. Graduation Rate: What percentage of students earn a diploma in four or five years?
5. K-3 Literacy: What is the district’s success rate for getting struggling readers on a proficiency track in third grade and beyond?
6. Prepared for Success: Are students prepared for future opportunities, including Advanced Placement test scores, college entrance, and honors diploma?

Is earning all A’s possible?
It may seem challenging for a district to receive straight A’s, but it is possible. And, Ottawa Hills Local Schools is the only district in the state to do so – three years in a row. During the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 school years, Ottawa Hills led Ohio with an all-A's report card. The district has excelled at ensuring a quality, well-rounded education for its students, while other school districts have experienced a decline in ratings. Children are taught that a good report card is important, so why not send them to a school that, each and every year, works to achieve an exceptional report card?

If you’re not an Ottawa Hills district resident, that’s not a problem. Ottawa Hills Schools offer tuition enrollment, so families living outside the area also have access to the top district. If you’re interested in learning more, check out their website.

As with any decision you make for your child, due diligence and research will help drive the right decision. The Guide to 2017 School Report Cards is a strong starting point for learning about your options. Understanding your school district choices can help you determine the best place for your child to achieve at the very highest level.