Local dealer shares a few tidbits about the new Toledo-built Wrangler

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - We're getting closer to the launch of the next generation Jeep Wrangler. The new vehicle means hundreds of new jobs at the Toledo Assembly Complex, and the number of wranglers built here is also about to increase.

The plant was retooled for the new model, and workers have been building a test version for a couple months now. There has certainly been a lot of speculation and anticipation when it comes to the next generation Wrangler. Specific details about it are still under lock and key, but we've learned a few more tidbits about the newest Toledo-built Jeep.

Denny Amrhein is the Managing Partner at Grogan's Towne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, "It's always nice to see something that has been looking the same for 5,6,7,8 years get a little change, it always helps."
That's exactly what's happening to the Wrangler, but just how much change has yet to be seen.

We recently got a look at a camouflaged Wrangler on the streets of Toledo.You can't see any details on the vehicle, but we do know there are changes coming to the outside and inside of the vehicle.
While he doesn't know any specifics, Amrhein says there are plenty of upgrades,"It's going to have a few different options to it and a lot more interior plushness there will also be some computer based changes that help get better gas mileage."

Amrhein says he sells about 10 Wranglers every month, and he expects that number to stay about the same or go up a little bit with the new model. Production numbers for the Wrangler are expected to increase by about 100,00 annually. Amrhein says he has customers who want a Wrangler, but they're waiting for the latest edition, "Wrangler has had the same look for so long, everybody loves it but a little bit of change will help I think. That's why some people are waiting."

So when does Amrhein expect to see the next generation on the lot here at Grogan's Towne? "The last notice that we got is that it's going to be sometime in the second quarter of next year when we will see some."

And what about price? "The price on it will go up we won't know how much until they start building them for us but we are hoping it doesn't go up a whole lot."

Here's a quick timeline for the next generation Wrangler. As you heard, workers are building evaluation or test vehicles right now.
Full production is expected by the end of the year, with vehicles on dealer lots in the first half of next year. As we've been reporting since earlier this year, The Toledo Assembly Complex will also build a new Jeep truck. That is expected to happen in 2019.