A look inside TPD's SWAT Team

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Police departments SWAT team is an elite unit.

Members must meet rigorous requirements to make the team, training at least once a month, while remaining physically fit and mentally strong.

Focus is important.

They execute anywhere from 400 to 500 search warrants a year.

That's why during training, they try to throw them as many curve balls as possible - placing them in no-win, stressful situations to see how they react.

"Any type of warrant can turn into to an active shooter or an barricade hostage situation. You have to have trained personnel ready to handle that situation . If you go in there and you think it's going to be an ordinary warrant then all of a sudden something bad happens what are you going to do," said TPD SWAT Commander Lt. Norman Giesige.

TPD has 22 people on the highly specialized unit.