Help The Nest in the Art Van Charity Challenge

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) Tiffany Crain has finally been able to shower and spend the night at home after spending 48 hours at The Nest.

The Nest is a non-profit organization that supports young parents by offering them free child care while they get their education.

Tiffany and her two boys spent two nights and raised $5,000 for the Art Van Challenge.

"That was interesting i was on the couch and the boys were on the mattress in the middle of the nursery floor."

Tiffany and The Nest supporters are trying to raise as much money as they can to win the top prize in the Art Van Charity challenge.
it would go along way to help the young parents served here.

"75 percent of the clients at BG Pregnancy Center were BGSU students and 60 percent of teen moms do not graduate high school and less than 2 percent graduate college."

The top prize in the Art Van charity challenge is $100,000. It would allow the organization to rely less on volunteers and interns and hire teachers and expand.

Right now The Nest is supporting 6 families and they hope to double the amount.