123's Of Using An AED to help save a life

If you're ever in the position to help save a life with CPR and the use of an AED or Automated External Defibrillator it's important to know how to use one.

The most important step is turning it on and the device will literally walk you through step by step from there. There is a supply pack on the back of the AED and it contains the tools you need to use it.

It will have the Defibrillator pads, along with scissors to cut clothing and bras away. It also has towelettes to clean and dry the skin surface as well as a dry razor to shave away hair if that's an issue. You need to make sure there is a clean and dry surface for the pads to adhere to.

The AED will detect if a shock needs to be delivered once the pads are applied and you will be instructed on how to do that. Of coarse the first step with all life saving measures is to call 911 first.