13% voter turnout is average for September

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- Voting in a primary is not everyone's priority.

13% of registered voters showed up to the polls Tuesday to decide which top two candidates for Toledo's mayor will go on the ballot in November.

When you stack it all up, 13% may not sound like a lot.

Those who have worked primary elections in the past will tell you it sounds about right.

A look at past September voter turnout at the Lucas County Board of Elections shows it was:

15% in 2013
9% in 2015
13% in 2017

This year's number may still slightly tick up as absentee ballots are still arriving.

The director of the Lucas County BOE, LaVera Scott, says she was surprised to see early voting numbers much higher than years past, but the overall number about the same.

"The odd thing about this election is that early voting is usually a very good indicator of turnout," explained Scott. "Not as much in this election."

Some people tell 13abc they voted yesterday, while others say they missed it.

If past numbers are an indicator, voter turnout in November could be more than double what we saw this September.