15-year-old Central Catholic cartoonist making headlines

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - One of the youngest contributors to The Toledo Blade is just a freshman in high school. Megan Jurek developed a love of art at an early age. Her work not only appears in The Blade, but she's also illustrated several books.

A lot of the media focus at Central Catholic High School right now is about graduate DeShone Kizer who was just drafted to play for the Cleveland Browns.But there's another student making the pages of the paper too.15-year-old Megan Jurek began her career at a very young age,"I started drawing a long time ago. I was about three or four years old. I was inspired by cartoons and the books I read.I read a lot of books."

By the time she was in third grade, Megan's work was being published in the school newspaper. Since then her portfolio has been expanded to include The Blade, "My cartoon strip is in the Peach Section. On the back there's a kids section called Kid Scoop. There are a lot of fun activities and my cartoon is toward the bottom."

Megan's art teacher Kendra Hudson says this is her first student with published work,"She's definitely very accomplished already. She will go on to do great things for sure.It will be very interesting to see what her work looks like by senior year. I love it when my students go on to careers in art, it is very rewarding."

Hudson says other students take notice of Megan's work,"Everybody in class always wants to see what she's doing, they'll walk by to see how her work is coming along. She helps motivate the other students too."

Even with all the attention.,Megan is humble about her accomplishments, "I think it is so good that I have been able to do all this I am grateful to a lot of people for helping me out."

Megan plans to make art her career."i am going to be taking more art classes in high school and I want to major in art in college. I would like to have a syndicated cartoon."

She hopes her work will help others, "You can inspire other people and make them happy and that's what I want to do." That's something she's already done for a lot of people.