16-year old severely beaten with baseball bat in random attack

Published: Dec. 16, 2018 at 6:42 PM EST
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Toledo police say a teenager was severely beaten and is in the hospital after a random attack on 750 Main Street in Toledo around 8 PM Saturday night.

Police identify the victim as 16-year old Marcus Bailey. He's described as a quiet boy who loves computers and graphic design. He is a sophomore at TTA. His mother, Shelly Bailey, says she is selective of who her son hangs around.

"You're good kids or you don't hangout with my child...I don't like them walking to the carry out. You're in groups if you go at all," said Bailey.

A walk from the neighborhood park back to his friend's house on Main Street in East Toledo, soon turned violent. Marcus was carrying a metal baseball bat when an unknown group of guys approached the kids. Marcus and his friends started to run.

"When my son started to run they grabbed the baseball bat out of his hand and they smacked him in the back of his head with a metal baseball bat so hard that he fell on his face," said his mother.

The suspects fled before police arrived. Investigators calling this a random attack. Marcus is unresponsive and in a coma.

"He had severe bleeding and swelling to the brain. They had to remove part of his skull. Without surgery he would have died," said Bailey.

Doctors tell his mother the prognosis isn't good. He will be in the hospital for weeks, likely go to rehab after that, and the extent of the damage done to his brain could take a long time to find out.

"Some monsters decided to terrorize kids...and now my son is fighting for his life because some monster decided it be fun to smack a kid in the head with a baseball bat," she shared. "I talk to him. I hope he hears me. I tell him to fight. Like I said, he's fought since the day he was born."

Shelly Bailey told 13abc her son's life has been a struggle from the start since he was born premature. She's praying for his recovery and that those responsible are caught.

"We beat the odds once. He can beat the odds again," said Bailey.

Police are still searching for the suspects and investigating the attack. If you have any information contact Toledo Police.