17 pedestrian cameras could keep more eyes on downtown

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) -- Keeping an eye out for your safety comes at a price.

Seventeen security cameras could soon go up downtown.

They would focus on pedestrians, aiming at walkways between One Seagate and the new ProMedica Headquarters.

The cost? $216,930.

Out of that, $150,000 would come from the city's General Fund and most of the rest would be from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund, remaining Police CIP project dollars, and proceeds from the sale of the police helicopter.

"It's part of their overall program trying to make downtown safer ... using the best technology they can use and hopefully keep our downtown vibrant and safe," says Kurt Young, (D) Councilman At-Large.

Young heads up the committee that put the proposal on the agenda for next week's council meeting.

If council signs off, the money would pay for 17 cameras watching out for you. Many question whether the location, near the Imagination Station, would be the best place for the project.

"That's a lot of money and the city needs money everywhere else," commented LaQuaile Adams once she heard the cost.

Others could see the pros and cons of this particular proposal.

"I think it's going to help the city out tremendously to stop the crime, but at the same time, spending money? We're going to need the money for the homeless people, like us," said Keli Boone.

Full Toledo City Council is expected to take up the issue and vote on it next Tuesday.