2018 Greater Toledo Auto Show opens to the public

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - More than 100 cars from 23 different manufacturers have taken over the SeaGate Centre in downtown Toledo once again, for the Great Toledo Auto Show.

Dozens of people were anxious to get in the door Thursday to see what it had to offer.

There were a lot of popular vehicles on display, including the Toledo-built Jeep Wrangler.

"We were thinking about coming tomorrow, but we got a little nervous with the snow," Ron Leck, Maumee, said. "This is a really nice show to come to."

"I love driving and I love fun, fast cars," Carol Tirkins, who lives in Sylvania township said.

Some people were there doing to shopping, looking for their next vehicle.

"You're coming in, you're testing, you're sitting in the back of the car making sure you're legs fit and you can find the perfect car for you," Kelly Danison, auto show manager told 13abc.

Hours run through the weekend.