22nd Annual Clean Your Streams had record trash collection

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Partners for Clean Streams (PCS) plans and facilitates the clean up with the help of partnering agencies who are working towards clean, clear, and safe water in Northwest Ohio. Clean Your Streams Day has been a grown into a community tradition in which volunteers work together to remove trash and pollutants from local waterways.

According to a media release obtained by 13abc, PCS announced that 1109 volunteers removed 35,573 pounds of trash from 75 sites in the greater Toledo area. This number includes 306 tires, 1,135 bags of trash, and interesting finds such as: a blender, underwear, 3 doll heads, 2 bikes, a toilet, hair nets, an eye patch, a briefcase with an iPad inside, an ultrasound picture, and a swing set. The record-breaking volume of trash was collected on September 22nd.

Volunteers met at 8:00 a.m. at one of the seven kick-off sites throughout the greater metropolitan Toledo area. From there they spread out to 75 different stream sites across the region. Following the cleanup, volunteers were invited to the Lucas County Fairgrounds for a celebratory picnic with a free lunch, prizes, educational booths, and Challenge Award presentations.

Volunteers could enter challenges that encourage groups to remove as much garbage as possible from the streams. Some of the featured winners were YWCA Teen Outreach Program with 63 bags of trash; Toledo Early College High School with 131 volunteers; UT Engineers Without Borders with 7.18 bags; and First Solar won our 4-star Watershed Warrior category with 102 volunteers.

Data from the trash collection is shared with the Ocean Conservancy. This data is used to effect changes in policy, business practices, packaging and personal changes, according to PCS. A majority of those who get involved in the clean up efforts vow to make changes to their own behaviors that could negatively impact water quality.

For more information visit partnersforcleanstreams.org. Fact sheet with collection data is under our related links section.