23 animals rescued In Sandusky Co., owner charged with neglect

TOLEDO Prosecutors in Sandusky County have filed 23 Neglect of Animal Charges against Cindy Schock of Seneca County.

Kelly Askins is the Sandusky County Humane Agent who confiscated the animals on August 9th. "The animals were just extremely malnourished, very thin horses. One was actually emaciated, although you couldn't see the sheep (under the wool) they were emaciated," says Askins, "The stalls were will with manure, standing in puddles of urine."

The animals are now in foster care at undisclosed sites for security purposes.

Of particular concern was the mother horse and her baby.

"The Vet...her exact words were I wouldn't be surprised if you came out here and found her dead in the morning," says Askins. The horse was immediately pulled with her baby where she's already put on more than 100 pounds.

"They're doing wonderful, out of the woods. We just have to work on her hoofs and getting her back to a healthy status," says Askins.

That care along with the other 21 animals is adding up. Scarlett Sterling is the shelter manager for the Sandusky County Humane Society. "We're expecting to pay 8 to 10 thousand dollars in Vet bills for the 23 animals," says Sterling. So the agency is taking donations on it's website: https://www.humanesanduskyco.org/ .
And at https://www.facebook.com/humanesocietysanduskycounty/

Schock is due in court next week to be arraigned on the charges.