3 infants die from SIDS In 4 days in Toledo

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Toledo Police are joining forces with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department to educate parents about safe sleeping practices. The move comes after Toledo Police report 3 infants died from SIDS in 4 days.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral says while it's devastating for parents it's also tough on officers. "When you see a child that small, it tugs at our heartstrings, it breaks our hearts. We suffer from PTSD as well as anybody else. The officers want to make sure that that tragedy doesn't continue down the road."

"Co-sleeping is a concern," says Toledo-Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski. "Rolling over on a baby and suffocating have their airway obstructed by a pillow or a mattress. Those are concerns that can be avoided."