3 TPS employees suspended without pay.

TOLEDO, OHIO (13 Action News ) Custodians James Roper and Michelle Stalker are on unpaid administrative leave for 5 days.
TPS leaders say they are accused of drinking alcohol at Waite High school. Another TPS employee involved has retired.
Deputy Superintendent Brian Murphy says the incident happened after school hours. He says, "We are very disappointed in the situation and what happened. We are handling the situation, we are disciplining them, we are referring them to get intervention and support."
These unpaid suspensions follow the suspensions of two Toledo Public Schools administrators.
Jennifer Lawless received a 10 day suspension,
Robert Mendenhall received a five day suspension, both for violating sexual harassment policy during a training in Florida
Brian Murphy says that investigation is now complete. He tells 13ABC,
"I do believe that these three employees are very apologetic and they wish they could take their actions back, they want to move forward in supporting the mission of Toledo Public Schools."
13ABC has learned another top administrator, John Krajeski was also placed on unpaid administrative leave. Murphy says,
"He was suspended for 5 days for conduct unbecoming...".
TPS officials will not confirm or deny whether its related to that recent incident in Florida.