$38,000 bill leaves apartment residents without water

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A water bill of nearly $40,000 has several people in Toledo without water. It’s all over a bill that's not their responsibility.

But those tenants are now stuck with the consequences and will probably have to find new places to live.

It is all happening at an apartment complex on Islington Avenue near Cherry Street in Toledo.

13abc was in this complex in September when then water was almost shut off over a $1500 bill. A bill that was paid but now there's a much larger bill. No one is sure if and when that will be paid.

The conditions of the outside of Eldepalo Porter's apartment complex aren't good. Some of the doors to empty unit are gone. At least he can hope to have some peace and quiet in his unit, maybe even a hot shower but even that was taken away from him recently, mid-shower.

"I need to hurry up and get this soap off my body because I was already in the shower when it happened," said Porter.

The city of Toledo turned off the water on the roughly 3 tenants still living here. It was over a bill of $38,989. A bill owed by the building's owner.

"The water bill total is $38,989. Oh wow, well they told me 60. So I guess he's saving some money but someone needs to do something," said Porter.

City records show the utilities department had made numerous attempts to contact the owner and property managers. One manager did inform them about a leak, which probably led to the big bill but that person told the city he hadn't received authorization to make the repair. So Porter and those of his neighbors still left, will probably make plans to move.

"If they hadn't been paying the water bill, #1 they shouldn't have been asking for rent and #2 they should have given us a heads up," said Porter.

13abc was told by a Toledo city spokesman, that the mayor's Chief of Staff has asked for this issue to be investigated. We asked if these units could get water at least temporarily while the tenants find new housing. That will depend on the meters, according to the spokesman.