A crumbling church and E. Toledo residents want it torn down

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - A church is crumbling and some residents want it torn down before someone is injured or killed.

People who live near the 400 block of Fourth Street in Toledo said the pastor of Calvary Bible Pentecostal Holiness Church left and his congregation left with him.

Now, the abandoned church has weeds growing sky high, holes in the roof and bricks are separating in multiple spots.

"I'll bet my right arm that in the winter time when the first snow falls that whole thing will be collapsing down," said concerned resident John Truby.

Truby said he's lived in East Toledo for 42 years and continues to watch the church deteriorate.

He said bricks are missing in the chimney and,"'all a sudden now we noticed that the big wall in the parking lot side is leaning due to the roof collapsing on the main part of the church," Truby added.

On top of that, Ron Meadows said animals have found a way to call Fourth Street their new home.

"A lot of varmints coming out of the church. . . You name it, it's in there," said Meadows.

They want the person responsible for the land to tear the church down. If the city of Toledo owns the church, neighbors want the city to demolish it soon.

"Maybe they can first off rope it off, so nobody can go near there because I think it's a real danger."

13abc has reached out to Calvary's former pastor. He has not responded.

Stick with 13abc to see what city leaders have to say about the abandoned church.