NW Ohio woman among many stuck in Turks & Caicos

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A woman from NW Ohio told 13abc she is having trouble getting a flight out of Turks & Caicos after Hurricane Irma destroyed much of the island.


Melinda Faunce Price and her husband flew to Turks and Caicos for their 30th wedding anniversary last Monday.

She said her husband reached out to American Airlines after their flight on Monday was canceled. Her husband was told they will have to wait until Saturday for a flight out.

American Airlines sent 13abc's Brigette Burnett this Tweet:

"Pending the damage assessment, we're planning on resuming operations on September 16."

Price said vacationers from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania and other states just want to get home.

"There is no power on the island. . . No AC in the room at night [so] it's a little difficult to sleep, but we are at the best place we can be," Price said.

Price is staying at the Seven Stars Resort and Spa. She said employees there are accommodating them until they can make it off the island.