Murdered teens spark outrage, sadness and community action

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Two teens were shot and killed in Toledo on Tuesday.

The murders of Gregory Stone and Deiyana Porter are sparking outrage, sadness and a call for action. People in the community want more positive outcomes for Toledo youth.

Toledo's Police Chief George Kral said it starts with total community support.

On Facebook, Chief Kral wrote in-part:

"If you aren't involved in your neighborhood block watch, reach out. If you are able and willing to be a mentor to an at-risk youth, find one of the many fine not-for-profit organizations serving this community and volunteer."

Les Robinson lost son to gun violence in 2005. Since then he walked away from a career in television to give back to his community. He urges people to put words into action and give back too.

"They need to say, okay, I want to do what he's doing," said Robinson. "Then join me. Lets go knock on some doors. Lets go talk to some families."