Family and friends welcome home 148th Infantry Regiment

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Ten months ago more than 300 soldiers from the Ohio National Guard's 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry Regiment left Walbridge,Ohio for Jordan.

The brave men and women are now back home and family time is what everyone has been waiting for since January 11th.

"We're back just in time for the holiday season, so we're really ready to not see each other so much and see our families now," said Tim Klase, the Platoon Leader for Security Services.

"Christmas tree is at the top of the list and then a family photo," said Anne Beck.

Althea McClelland was anxious to see her grandson Charles. She said, "we're going to do Thanksgiving over and then of course we're going to do a big Christmas celebration."

For many soldiers the first thing they said they wanted to do now they're at home is eat American food.