Local woman's windshield shattered by unknown object

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ROSSFORD, Ohio (WTVG) - Maria Gladfelter was on her way to meet friends in Toledo when she heard what sounded like an explosion.

It turns out, the rear window of her car had shattered.

Gladfelter, 66, of Perrysburg, was heading north on I-75. She had just passed the Bates Rd. overpass when she heard the jarring noise and looked back to see the damage.

She was able to safely pull over and call police.

At first, Gladfelter said she thought someone had thrown an object from the overpass. However, Rossford police officers were unable to locate an item that may have shattered the rear window.

They told her the damage may have been caused by a falling icicle.

Gladfelter was able to drive her vehicle home, choosing to stay off the highway during her return trip.