NJ utility worker escapes harm from downed wire

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MANCHESTER, N.J. (Gray News) - Police in New Jersey posted powerful dashcam video that shows the moment a utility worker escaped serious injury when handling a wire he didn't realize was energized.

A utility worker in Manchester, N.J. narrowly escapes serious harm while handling a downed wire / Source: Manchester Police / Facebook

According to police, strong storms caused transformers to explode and electrical wires to drop on Sunday night.

Early Monday morning, a utility worker handled a wire he thought was de-energized.

The video shows the man in yellow safety gear trying to swing the wire off a pole. As soon as the wire touches the ground, it ignites, sending the worker running to safety.

Sparks and flame continue to shoot up from the downed wire for several seconds.

The worker was wearing the proper safety gear, and as a result wasn't hurt. Police said he "narrowly escaped death."

The night before, police responded to a call for a power outage at a traffic light. Sparks flew from a transformer as they set up cones and diverted traffic.

No one was hurt and everyone made it home safely.

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