Tank overheats at Frostbite frozen foods

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TOLEDO (WTVG) — A large plume of steam erupted from Frostbite frozen foods after Toledo firefighters “slowly introduced” water to a large tank that was overheating.

That tank is inside the production facility at 4117 Fitch Rd. in Toledo.

Investigators described it as a large, stainless steel water heating system, which can hold at least 500 gallons of water.

Workers at Frostbite described the pipes as “glowing” early Wednesday morning.

When firefighters with Toledo Fire & Rescue arrived, they used a thermal imaging camera to detect the internal temperature. While using the camera, the temperature went up 100 degrees, approaching 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Firefighters determined they would slowly introduce water to avoid a sudden drop in temperature, which could lead to a pipe bursting or even an explosion.

In the process of cooling, the tank produced a large burst of steam, then began to cool.

A short time later, workers who were evacuated from the building were allowed to return.

Employees said they had a similar incident years ago when calcium deposits built up on the inside of the equipment, leading to an overheating of the system.