NJ mom says coyote attacked her, 4-year-old son at public park

FAIRFIELD, N.J. (WCBS/CNN) - Armed police are patrolling a New Jersey park after a coyote bit a mom and her 4-year-old son on the legs, according to a report from WCBS.

Police are patrolling a New Jersey park after a coyote attacked a mother and her 4-year-old son / Source: WCBS via CNN VAN

The two went to a hospital, received a series of rabies shots and were able to go home.

Police found and killed the coyote, and now it's being tested for rabies. Those results will come back in about a week.

Investigators are still working to confirm if the coyote they killed was the same one that attacked the woman and her child.

"Just because we did eliminate one threat of a coyote does not mean there's still not a threat in this park and around Big Piece Road," said Chief Anthony Manna with Fairfield Police.

New Jersey Fish and Game officials are searching the area for possible coyote dens to find out where this one came from.

The woman said the coyote attacked as she pushed her son in a stroller through a park on Thursday evening. After it lunged and bit her, it went after her son.

A neighbor said he was watching TV when he heard "five or six loud booms." He'd later learn that was the moment police found the coyote between his house and his neighbor's pool.

"There were five or six policemen, all had AR-15 military rifles pointed at the ground, lights shining at what appeared to be a dead animal," said Matt Benacquista.

When Sgt. Frank Tracey spotted the animal on a road near the park, he said he did what he had to do.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife says while coyote encounters are rare, there are things you can do if it happens. They recommend to make loud noises, blast a canned air siren, throw rocks or spray the coyote with a garden house.

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