Toledo mother's car and personal information stolen a week before her wedding

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Alexzandria Robinson woke up this morning and found something missing.

The 2019 Kia Rio she had purchased three months ago was gone.
Someone had broken into all three of the cars at her home, found the spare key to her Rio, and drove away.

Her wedding is next weekend. She had just gotten a marriage license yesterday. The bride-to-be's wallet, along with her and her fiance’s driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and more sensitive information were all left inside the car overnight.

Robinson called police, and froze her credit cards, but now is left waiting and hoping the car can be found.

"It's pretty scary because we all feel so vulnerable right now," Robinson says.
According to the Toledo Police Community Crime Map of Robinson’s neighborhood near Ottawa Park and Toledo Hospital, 41 cars have been broken into, and 15 were reported stolen in the past 6 months.

For the thief, this was just another score. For Alexzandria, it was personal, as many of these items were irreplaceable.

Her father died when she was a child, and after spending the afternoon cleaning out her mother’s house, she had all of her family photos in her car.

"That's our only way to remember him because we were so young is by pictures and they were all in that vehicle,” says Robinson.

Toledo police say to prevent motor vehicle crimes like these:
- Never leave valuables inside your car
- Always lock your car
- Do not leave spare keys inside any vehicles

Anyone with information about this or any other stolen vehicles should call Crime Stoppers at (419) 255-1111.